Champions for STEM Education Leadership Academy

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The Academy is designed to enhance STEM education by providing opportunities for school and district-based teams to

  • experience the practices of science, mathematics, and engineering and translate these into effective classroom instruction;
  • understand coherence, rigor, and focus as they relate to STEM curricula;
  • enhance teaching in STEM courses so students develop critical-thinking skills while learning meaningful content;
  • learn to use formative and summative assessment information to analyze teaching and learning; and
  • increase leadership capacity to sustain changes in your district.
Benefits to Participating Teams
  1. 80 hours of summer professional development (CEUs and/or graduate credit also available)
  2. Stipend for teachers on the team
  3. Increased foundational knowledge about effective STEM teaching and learning to support STEM education in your district
  4. Opportunity to develop a STEM strategic plan to meet the needs of your team and district
  5. Academic-year coaching to support implementation of STEM strategic plan
  6. Four team Conferences per year to continue leadership development based on the team's plan and goals
  7. Substitute pay for one day during each of the 4 Team Conferences each year
  8. Collaboration within teams to support STEM education in your area
  9. Data collection and analysis to monitor gains in student achievement and interest in science
  10. Increased capacity to provide leadership to improve STEM learning in your district and throughout Colorado
  11. Lunches and snacks provided during all professional development days

Commitments of Participating Teams

  1. Include science, mathematics, and engineering/technology teachers, as well as a key administrator and community partner, on team.
  2. Attend 2 week-long Summer Institutes
  3. Participate in Team Conferences and coaching during academic year visits (4 per year for 2 years)
  4. Support BSCS in obtaining evaluation data through participating in surveys, interviews, classroom observations, and providing test data
  5. Participate in online interactions throughout the program
  6. Pay Academy registration fee after acceptance into the program ($1000/team)
  7. Have one or two people participate on development team with BSCS to raise funds for your team (no direct fundraising required)
Learn more by contacting Brooke Bourdélat-Parks or Jody Bintz.

Original funding and generous partner support for the Colorado Champions for STEM Education Leadership Academy was provided by the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado. In addition to the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado, we also work with partners like the National Association of Biology Teachers to recruit and sustain the program.