Drug Abuse, Addiction, and the Adolescent Brain

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  • Middle school science (Grades 7–8)
  • Teacher implementation guide, DVD with interviews, animations, and real-life stories. DVD includes English and Spanish captioning (optional display)
  • Five to eight 45-minute class periods
  • Developed using the BSCS 5E Instructional Model
  • Correlated to the National Science Education Standards
  • Built-in assessment strategies
  • Facilitator guide for adult audiences
  • Complimentary module (S&H charges only)

Drug Abuse, Addiction, and the Adolescent Brain is an exciting and informative curriculum supplement from BSCS that presents students with a new way to think about drug abuse and addiction. The program features five classroom lessons an an integrated video.

The module focuses on the science that explains the effects drugs have on the brain and helps students:

  • Understand that drugs of abuse change the way a person's brain functions, causing changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors;
  • Learn that adolescents respond differently to drugs than do adults; and
  • Practice identifying major concepts, the evidence that supports them, and summarizing and communicating scientific information.

The program features five classroom lessons; an integrated video with:

  • Interviews by leading scientists in the area of drug abuse research, treatment experts, and recovering drug addicts;
  • Animations to illustrate the effects of drugs; and
  • A Facilitation guide for presenting the video to adult audiences.

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Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).