Profiles in Science: A Guide to NSF-Funded High School Instructional Materials

  • Provides profiles on materials designed to help high school science teachers in grades 9–12 focus on “the art of teaching” and student learning
  • Second Edition | © 2007
  • Contains profiles on 25 science programs and four under-development programs

The purpose of Profiles in Science: A Guide to NSF-Funded High School Instructional Materials is to help those involved in the review and selection of instructional materials for high school science become familiar with high-quality, research-based instructional materials. This 138-page book is an excellent awareness tool for teachers, administrators, parents, and other stakeholders who might not be familiar with standards- and inquiry-based instructional materials.

Profiles in Science is available as a downloadable full-book PDF, as individual profile sections (click on any of the titles below), and as a hard-copy publication in the BSCS eStore.

Profiled Instructional Materials

Earth Science
Earth System Science in the Community (Earth Comm)
Exploring Earth

Life Science
BSCS Biology: An Ecological Approach
BSCS Biology: A Human Approach
BSCS Biology: A Molecular Approach
Insights in Biology

Physical Science
Active Chemistry
Active Physics
Active Physics Core Select
Active Physical Science
Chemistry in the Community (ChemCom)
Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum for Physics (C3P)
Introductory Physical Science (IPS)
Living by Chemistry
Minds-On Physics
Physics That Works

Integrated or Multidisciplinary Science
Coordinated Science Curriculum
Investigations in Environmental Science
BSCS Science: An Inquiry Approach
Ecology: A Systems Approach
Science and Sustainability (SEPUP)
Voyages through Time

Under Development
Foundation Science
High School Environmental Science: Understanding Our Changing Earth
Investigating Astronomy
Science and Global Issues